Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Find your Passion

I came to law school expecting to "find my passion." This is a phrase I heard a lot growing up and it was the most important directive my parents gave me. Find what you love and the rest should come together from there. I don't know exactly how it will unfold, but I do think law will be the professional love of my life, and I think I've actually known that for longer than I had realized. So I haven't been surprised at how much I enjoy class, my classmates, and my professors. It's like it's always been a part of me.

What has surprised me, however, is that another passion has entered my life. If you were on the field with me tonight, you know what I'm talking about. Flag football.

The Adverse Possessors brought their record to 2-1 tonight with a 15-7 win tonight, defeating some solid competition from the previously undefeated Hargrave Society. In only three games I have been shocked at the rush I get as soon I am on the football field. The adrenaline pumps as I dodge defenders trying to find an opening, and wave my hands furiously at our star quarterback, Patrick. I am struck by feelings of anticipation, dread, hope, and sheer amazement when the ball has been thrown in my direction. Pulling the flags off an opponent gives me wild satisfaction. Who would have known.

Tonight was the highlight of my brief, but blossoming football career. I scored my first touchdown. Last game I scored on a conversion and was elated; I knew I wanted the ball to keep coming my way. Patrick threw the ball to me in the end zone and I fumbled it in the air for a second, but then grabbed it and pulled it in close. I cannot think of a feeling comparable to what I felt when I looked down to see the ball in my arms, and my self in the end zone. I jumped up and down for about 30 seconds, and high-fived all my teammates.

I also got to play the whole game, on offense and defense, as there is a 4 girl on the field rule. Our faintly demarcated field was covered in ant hills but I could hardly bring my feet to step off it when the game was over.

I'm proud of my playing but I have to give MVP of the evening to Robbie Carman. Robbie had two interceptions, one that converted into the first touchdown of the game, and the other which ended the game. We simply have a good team with high spirits and lots of love. We've all got the passion.

So my mom isn't too worried about how I am spending my time here, I need to make clear that football has not superseded law school in my attentions. I don't believe in monogamy in life passions and my love for law school has not waned. I've just found a little additional spark elsewhere, a place to spend my Wednesday nights. Law, you're my #1, but football, you're my sweet fall fling.

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