Friday, August 28, 2009

Alamo Drafthouse

Since I began thinking about moving to Austin, people who had been to Austin or who lived in Austin started telling me about a seemingly mythical venue where one can watch a movie and be served beer and food at the same time.  This sounded amazing, and I immediately thought of how much Robby would love something like this.  He has trouble sitting in a movie theater and gets very antsy.  With the aid of food and booze he shouldn't have any trouble sitting through a whole movie.  (We have walked out of theaters numerous times, not once on account of the film.)  When we were nearing the end of Robby's trip to Austin with me, we decided the last night we would go to one of these places - An Alamo Drafthouse.

When you arrive at the Drafthouse, you buy tickets like you would any other theater.  Except the prices are drastically lower than NYC and UT students receive a discount - our two tickets were $13.  The movie theater also looks like any other theater but for one thing: in front of each row of seats is a counter, about chest-high.  On the counter there are menus, sheets of paper, pencils, and underneath the counter is a light to help you read the menu.  Soon after we took our seats, a cheerful waiter came to the two of us sitting side-by-side and explained the process to us.  On the sheet of paper you write your order, you then put the piece of paper in a silver slot that runs the length of the counter, and waiters will regularly check if you have placed an order.   This was awesome.  We happily placed our first order of the German beer bucket and chips and salsa.  

Did I mention that rather than previews they play British sketch comedy?  I was in heaven.

We were planning on seeing District 9 but the show was sold-out so we decided instead on In The Loop.  I don't think it was a very good movie, but I can say that Robby and I enjoyed it as much as anything.  We were drinking beer and laughing for two hours.  An evening well-spent.

Post Script: The Alamo Drafthouse also has different kinds of showings; in addition to current movies you can go to, for example, an 80's one-hit wonder sing-a-long, or the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

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