Saturday, August 29, 2009

San Miguel Seafood

This morning I took the bus to the Austin Farmer's Market.  The Market is in downtown Austin and a 15-minute bus ride from my apartment.  I want to make a shrimp stir-fry tonight so I brought my grocery list.

I approached the seafood stand advertising "Texas Gulf Shrimp" for $9.99/lb.  Having five dollars in my wallet and only cooking for myself, I asked for a half pound of shrimp.  The man at the stand apologetically told me they only had pre-sorted 1 pound bags to sell.  I shrugged and said that's too bad because I only have $5 with me.  He responded, "well, if you promise to tell your friends about us I'll give you the 1 lb bag for your five dollars."  I didn't tell him I don't really have any friends here yet, and instead graciously accepted his offer.  Roberto introduced himself to me and asked if I was a UT student.  I told him I just started at the law school and he pulled out his card and handed it to me; turns out he works at the Attorney General's office.  He encouraged me to contact him if I was ever interested in an internship.

So if you are in Austin on a Wednesday afternoon or a Saturday morning, be sure to visit the San Miguel Seafood stand at the Austin Farmer's Market.  

Since I moved to Austin, I am reminded daily of what makes this city so special.  I am enjoying discovering this new weird place, which brings me to start a list: Why I am falling for Austin.  Here are a few to begin:

1) Roberto San Miguel at the Downtown Austin Farmer's Market
2) On the bus ride to the Alamo Drafthouse, a homeless man gave Robby the finger.  (Robby commented that this was the coolest thing to have happened in his visit to Austin.)
3) I have been asked twice if I am a freshman at UT.
4) UT student discounts.

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