Sunday, August 23, 2009


I'm starting this blog to record my first year in Austin at law school.  It's for my own record, and for my friends and loved ones to tune into this new chapter in my life.  I've only been in Austin for five days and yet already my life feels so different.  My apartment is almost completely set up, I have experienced five days of 100 degree + weather, I got a beautiful new bike, and I am constantly reminded of the weirdness that is Austin.  UT classes are starting this week so there has been a huge influx of the student population, as 50,000 students file into their respective dorms, apartments, and houses.  Austin is so different from New York City.  Perhaps because of the heat, everything seems a bit slower.  People say y'all.  EVERYONE wears UT clothing.  There is a saying, "Keep Austin weird," as though the weirdness is a source of pride or identity.  There are frat boys, sorority girls, washed up hippies, hipsters, yuppies, musicians - the whole lot.  There is certainly something for everyone.

Off to orientation, more updates and anecdotes to come.

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