Thursday, August 27, 2009

UT vs Trinity

Law school orientation started Monday and classes started yesterday. As I have been spending more time on the University of Texas campus, there are some differences I have noticed between this school and Trinity, or the Northeast in general. Here are a few:

At UT, EVERYONE wears Longhorn gear.

At UT, people carry backpacks rather than tote bags or just books. This is because the campus is so massive and it is less of a strain to wear the backpack. Unfortunately I learned this the hard way and will be expecting my new bag to arrive next week, none too soon.

At UT, the standard wardrobe for girls is orange running shorts (Longhorn color) and sneakers. I mentioned this to my mentor and she said there's a joke at UT that you can recognize a sorority girl by her orange Nike shorts and her pearls - thus making the sorority girl/pearls relationship pretty consistent on a national level.

This is more of a difference between Austin and NYC, but the people working the crappy jobs are nice. They actually seem to enjoy what they are doing and want to help. My theory is this is correlated to the cost of living in Austin. Unlike in NYC, in Austin you can still afford a pretty good quality of life with a low-paying job. And the people you are serving aren't that much richer than you (or plain aren't richer than you). This further makes me believe that a widening income gap is harmful to society - it penetrates the most fundamental interactions of everyday life. Which brings me to theorize that I will become more of a socialist living here...

People's eyes widen when I say I moved here from New York City, making me feel pretty cool.

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