Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My New Bike

Robby ran to the campus bookstore on Saturday to get a Stats book for his own impending studies and he returned with a flier from a local bike store to receive 10% off any purchase.  I had been looking for a bike since I arrived in Austin to no avail, and he knows how much I love a good deal.  After meeting a friend for lunch (yes, we knew one other person in Austin), we walked to the bike shop, about 10 minutes from my apartment.  That's when I laid eyes on this beauty.  I have always loved Schwinn bicycles and her yellow paint caught my eye.  Then I noticed the leather handle bars and seat, and the "commuter" style with room behind the seat for a crate.  She was perfect.  I took "Jenny" for a short spin and fell even harder for her.  But the price was hefty and I was afraid of bike thieves - I knew it would be heartbreaking to have her stolen.  We left the bike shop empty-handed.

On the walk home, Robby, being the wonderful generous boyfriend that he is and knowing how much I loved Jenny, offered to split the price with me.  He knows me well enough to know when I really want something but he knows me best when he tells I don't need ONE MORE THING.  His offer gave me confirmation of what I already knew - this would be a special possession.  A few hours later I called the bike shop to see if Jenny was still available.  She was; this was the bike for me.  With Robby's offer the purchase was suddenly affordable, and armed with a strong lock and the diligence to keep her in my apartment, I could protect her from thieves.  When I arrived at the bike shop the bike guy was already tuning her for me.  I rode Jenny home (getting lost on the way back in my typical fashion) and arrived back at my apartment with a huge smile.  I called Robby on my way home so he could step outside and see me pull up on my beautiful new bike.

Jenny is my main mode of transportation in Austin and has been a huge help in my first week here.  She has accompanied me to Walgreens, Law School Orientation, my local grocery store the Wheatsville Coop, and she will be with me for my many journeys to come.

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